Blooming Bouquet Embroidery Project (Free Pattern!)

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Here at the PLG we loooove embroidery. We’ve embroidered everything from zipper pouches to planters because we are obsessed with the texture and dimension embroidery gives a project, plus, it’s got to be the most therapeutic crafting medium. But, like most of the crafts we do on this site, we are usually very much winging it, and I personally have never even followed an embroidery pattern before!

However, today that alllll changes because our friends at DMC (the best of the best embroidery threads, kits, and more) asked us to try out its expanding “Coton Perlé” collection and I knew I had to up my game! DMC is an iconic brand (their Instagram feed is total eye candy) and Coton Perlé is a beautiful and super versatile thread with different thicknesses, allowing for 3D effects, additional types of crafts, and more!

To try out this luxurious new thread I decided to follow the gorgeous “Bursting Bouquet” pattern that you can find for free on their site! When you head to this pattern you can also scroll down to purchase the exact kit I used with all of the thread you need to get started. Let’s start stitching!

I started by tracing my design on a tea towel using DMC’s Embroidery Transfer Pen that is truly magic. I needed every detail drawn out for me, so this helped so much, plus, once I had completed the project I just sprayed it with a water mister and the markings completely disappeared!

Since I had never followed an embroidery pattern before, I spent a lot of time on DMC’s super helpful “tutorials” page, full of tips and tricks for success as well as instructions for creating stitches I had never tried before! For instance, the words “padded satin” were 100% foreign to me so that page was clearly my bible through this process. It was so much fun to mess up, start again, get better and learn as I went along. Plus, this tread is so gorgeous and fun to work with.

I did it! And this baby is now hanging proudly in my craft room. Can’t wait to start my next one.

Happy stitching, friends!
ox. Liz