PLG Game Day Party Idea Round-Up

It should come as no shock to you that the Super Bowl isn’t really our thing. “What!?” you say? “How can it BE that a couple of blonde girls with a craft blog who only want to weave with yarn and bake layered brownies are not be pumped about football?!!” We know. The mind reels!

However, while we could care less about the punting, and running, and touchdown-ing, we love any excuse to throw a party with various dips and a theme, so we happen to have whipped up a few fun decor, menu, and party ideas for the super bowl over the years on this blog! SO, today, we have put them all in one place so you can make the big game cuter and yummier. Let’s do it!

  1. Printable Superbowl Treat Tags: We love these sassy treat tags that send the correct message about the super bowl: We came to EAT. You can find the free download here!

2. Joe Boy Hot Salsa Recipe: This is our momma’s recipe for the most bonkers queso that is essential for any super bowl party and is SO delish.

3. Superbowl Party Ideas: This fun super bowl party post has all sorts of ideas from decor, to favors, to a recipe for the most amazing Snickers popcorn!

4. Homemade Soft Pretzels with Three-Cheese Dip: If you have never tried your hand at making homemade pretzels, the super bowl is the perfect reason. We make ours with frozen bread dough which makes is so easy and we pair it with a three-cheese-dip that I want to MARRY.

5. Monogrammed Superbowl Party Cups: We love how easy, cute and functional these party cups are, since, if you are hosting a crowd, it helps everyone keep track of their cup! Plus there is a bomb mocktail recipe in the post that you can sip on through all 40 hours of football!

6. Painted Football Snack Boxes: We love these snack boxes because they take a stand against the standard grass-green and football-brown of super bowl parties. Football can be cute, y’all!

That’s it! Now you’re ready to PARTY. And, win or lose, you’re gonna have delicious queso which makes us all winners.

Happy Super Bowl-ing!
ox. Sam & Liz