DIY “Sweater Weather” Mugs

Fall is wonderful for so, SO many pumpkin-spice coated reasons, but being able to pour a hot cup of tea to warm you up (since the sweltering sun is no longer doing the warming) is quite the treat. And while it might be beyond basic to look forward to getting cozy with a steaming mug and an oversized cardigan and some You’ve Got Mail, I’m fine with being the most basic of them all. Bring on all the fall goodness!

To celebrate fall (or what I have just decided to call “mug season”) we are making a new mug today to celebrate this time of year and get us ready for lots of tea pouring. This “Sweater Weather” mug fits our love for the season, it’s temperature and it’s goodness perfectly and it’s so easy to make! Here is how you make it!

Supplies Needed to Make Your DIY “Sweater Weather” Mug:

Blank Mug (I found mine at Walmart!)
Sweater Weather Design (Find it right here!)
Adhesive Vinyl
Transfer Tape or Painter’s Tape
Electronic Cutting Machine (I use a Silhouette Cameo)

1. Set to scale and cut out your design using your craft cutter.

2. Once the design is cut, weed and remove excess vinyl to reveal your design.

3. Cut a size of transfer tape to fit your design and lay the tape directly over the design, smoothing with your fingers to ensure that it is fully adhered. Then, lift the transfer tape and remove the image from its backing.

4. Center your design on your mug, press and smooth with your fingers, and ensure that the design is fully adhered to the mug. Then, carefully peel back the transfer tape.

That was so easy! Now it’s time to pour something yummy and celebrate sweater weather!

Happy mug season, friends!

ox. Liz

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