DIY Reversible Play Rug

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I know you don’t want to think about it, but with school supplies filling the shelves and pools everywhere getting ready to close, it can only mean one, terrible thing: Summer is over. And while, on the heels of summer is a delicious, pumpkin-spice coated fall, you KNOW it will slip all too quickly through our fingers and all we will be left with is winter. Winter! Where summer dreams go to die, and we forget what it was like to go out into the world without wrapping ourselves in 10 pounds of down. But, never fear! This year we can be prepared with all the tools we need to happily play inside and we are getting a jump on it today with this fun tutorial for a DIY reversible play rug!

We were inspired to make this bright and fun rug not only because of the inevitability of winter, BUT because of the 168 awesome new additions to the Martha Stewart line (found exclusively at Michaels stores), including these adorable adhesive village stencils as well as the bright, cheerful palette of Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint that comes in over 80 colors! This paint has been our favorite for years and is the perfect paint for all kinds of family craft and school projects because it can be used on any surface! We love using it with stencils and tools and all of the finishes it comes in makes it so versatile for any project we cook up. Plus, you know they have thought of everything to make their products totally usable for even the most novice of crafters. I loved the details of this village stencil and could never have achieved that without Martha’s help! Here’s what we did:

Supplies Needed: 

Rug (Look for one that doesn’t have padding on either side so you can flip it!)
Martha Steward Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint
Martha Stewart Adhesive Paper Stencils, Village
Martha Stewart Family-Friendly Brush Set
Martha Stewart Foam Pouncers Set
Embroidery Floss
Large Needle

Aren’t these new Martha Stewart stencils, stamps and tools adorable? I was so excited to get my hands on them and put them to use! They even have new silkscreens, which are great for achieving highly detailed designs with ease! 

To make your rug:

  1. Using your paint brush, paint your road first. This will help you to visualize where your village should go. I used a tape measure to measure it out from the center, and then used a bunch of different colors to paint the lines on the road.
  2. Next, remove the backing from each building and start stenciling! I painted my village in layers, so I stenciled the outline of the building using the stencil, removed the stencil, and filled the outline in with paint. Let dry completely.


3. Once the buildings are dry, lay the stencil back over the building and add the details like windows and doors! Let dry completely.

4. Once your buildings are completely painted, go in and add fun touches to the town using your stencils, such as bridges, trees and flags! Let dry completely.

5. Once your village side is completely finished and dry, flip it over to make your hopscotch! I created my hopscotch blocks by tracing an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, very lightly with paint. Then, I would back over the lines with a thicker brush. Once the lines were dry, I added the numbers and that was it!

6. Lastly, you can add tassels to your rug for an extra pop of interest! I made my tassels using two bundles of embroidery thread per tassel, tied them together, then, using a large needle, I connected them to the rug. That’s it!

Isn’t this so much fun? I can’t decide which side I love more, but I do love how busy this thing has kept my kids while I write this post! 🙂

Your kids are going to have to so much fun using their imaginations on one side of the rug, then flipping it over to get their wiggles out on the other! Plus, I love how this looks in their room even when they aren’t using it. It’s so playful and bright thanks to the gorgeous colors of the Martha Stewart line!

What would you make with all of the fun new products in the Martha Stewart line? We would LOVE to hear your ideas!

Happy crafting!
ox. Liz

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