5 Family Friendly Places to Visit in Pittsburgh!

We lived on the east coast for six years, and when friends would come to visit, we’d plan mini trips to the cities nearby. Our visitors would always want to see the same places: NYC, DC and Philly. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE each of those cities but I feel like there is a huge big bridge-covered, industrial but modern, Steelers-shaped discrepancy there. What are they all missing out on that they don’t realize they are missing out on? Pittsburgh! Personally, I think Pittsburgh is one of the most underrated cities out there and I want it moved to the top of your must-visit lists ASAP. That is why I am so excited to share about our experience teaming up with Visit Pittsburgh to spend a weekend there and tell you all about it. Keep scrolling for our five favorite family friendly Pittsburgh spots!

1. Duquesne Incline

One of our favorite places to start when we are in Pittsburgh is to ride the Duquesne Incline. The incline is a century-old cable car that climbs up Mount Washington in the heart of Pittsburgh and stops at the top at an observation deck that gives you the most insane views of the city. My kids love the ride and man, that view.

2. Southside Works

For this trip we stayed on the south side right by Southside Works, an insanely gorgeous and walkable urbanist part of the city with great shopping and restaurants right on the riverfront. Our gorgeous room at the Springhill Suites Southside Works overlooked the Monongahela River and the Hot Metal Bridge and had us obsessed. This hotel and location is perfect for anyone visiting Pittsburgh and is especially family friendly and dang cool.

3. The Strip District

Another obsession we have with Pittsburgh? The Strip District. This area is an amazing market district full of ethic food shops, art studios, antique dealers, unique boutiques, sidewalk vendors, and a truly authentic Pittsburgh experience. It’s on the waterfront in the shadow of the Pittsburgh skyline and is bustling all summer long.

4. The Donut Chef

On our first visit to the city some friends told us we had to go to The Donut Chef and now it is at the top of the agenda every time. It’s located minutes outside of the city on the 22 and if you blink you might miss it, so keep your eyes WIDE open. This little bakery makes the most insane donuts, a favorite being their pretzel donut that will blow your mind. Get there early though, they have been known to sell out of the good stuff by the afternoon.

5. The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

If you have kids and are visiting the city, The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is one of the best I have ever visited. It has floors and floors of incredible interactive exhibits for all ages and there is always something new each time we go. Truly, if I had a genie in a bottle and was granted three wishes one of them would probably be to have this museum in my town. And then I’d probably use the second one to get all of the Donut Chef donuts I wanted. And then the third would be more wishes. Duh.


Oh, how I could go on and on about the food, and the sports, and the architecture, and the energy, and the beauty of Pittsburgh but I only have this little blog space and also I have children who think they need things like breakfast so I will try to contain myself. I only suggest that you go now to Visit Pittsburgh, look around, get inspired, and get thinking about a trip. If you go CALL ME. I will meet you there for donuts.

THANK YOU Visit Pittsburgh for the incredible trip and the chance to gush about your city that I love! Also, Go Bucs.

ox. Liz

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