DIY Patterned Bird Houses

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If you follow us on Instagram then you know that we just returned from our yearly trip to Plaid Crafts HQ in Atlanta, Georgia! Every year we look forward to this trip because it’s like being given a super-concentrated shot of creative energy. We spend the week learning about new products, trying new techniques and gleaning as much knowledge as we can from the crafting experts at Plaid Crafts. Since I’ve been home I’ve been buzzing with ideas and plans and we can’t WAIT to those you all of the cool things Plaid Crafts has in store for the rest of the year.

As a result of this creative high, we thought we’d keep the crafting party rolling and get right into celebrating one of the products that has put Plaid on the map: Mod Podge! National Mod Podge Day is May 18th and we’re ready to celebrate this crafting staple with a fun project using one of Mod Podge’s 20+ formulas: Mod Podge Outdoor! If you’re not familiar with Mod Podge (where have you BEEN?), it’s America’s Favorite Decoupage Medium for over the past 50 years! Mod Podge has expanded from the original Matte and Gloss formulas and is now available in 21 unique finishes in a wide range of sizes, from 2 oz. to classroom size gallons!

Today we are going to be working with Mod Podge Outdoor which is a great formula for projects you are going to keep outside. While this formula is not waterproof, it is highly water resistant and is thicker than other Mod Podge formulas so it is going to make your projects look fab even when they are outside! We used Mod Podge Outdoor to make these fun birdhouses that will be the perfect pretty home for the birds in your neighborhood since this formula will keep them looking great through any weather!

Here’s how you make them:

Supplies Needed:

Outdoor Mod Podge
Paint Brushes 
Delta Ceramacoat Acrylic Paint
Decorative Paper
Unfinished Bird Houses

  1. Using Delta paint, paint a few accent areas on the houses. I did one of the sides and the edge of the roofs. Apply two coats and let dry.

2. Trace your houses on your decorative paper and cut them out to size. I also cut out some decorative scalloped pieces to add more interest.

3. Apply a layer of Mod Podge on the surface of the houses where you would like to apply your paper. Lay the paper over the Mod Podge and use a brayer or your fingers to smooth and remove all bumps. Let dry for 15-20 minutes.

4. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge over the paper. Let dry 15-20 minutes. Repeat 2-3 times for added protection. Then let dry for 24 hours before hanging them outside.

5. Hang outside and get ready to make lots of new bird friends! Reapply Outdoor Mod Podge every few months for added protection.

Aren’t they darling? What bird wouldn’t LOVE to get cozy in these cuties? Plus, just think about the possibilities for fun variations in paint colors and paper patterns! And by using the Mod Podge Outdoor formula they are going to keep looking great in your backyard for a long time.

Are you ready to make your own birdhouses, perfect for hanging from a tree full of spring blooms? Let’s do it! The birds will thank you and you’ll be celebrating National Mod Podge Day by using one of the fab Mod Podge formulas in the process!

We are so excited to be celebrating all things Mod Podge, and you can get in on the fun too! Just share your favorite Mod Podge creations as a public Instagram feed post using #NationalModPodgeDay throughout the month of May for a chance to win weekly Mod Podge prize packs from Plaid! Click right here to learn more!

Plus, Plaid will also feature live streams leading up to National Mod Podge Day, so be sure to follow them on social media on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest! And for more ideas for celebrating National Mod Podge Day and tons of crafting inspiration, check out Plaid Online.

Happy crafting!
ox. Liz

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