A Picnic in Central Park with Noosa Mates!

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Since our apartment here in NYC is so small and our kitchen table is the size of a toothpick, we have become picnicking fools this summer. I love packing up all of the fresh foods of the season and spending the day park hopping and eating outside, letting the kiddos run everywhere while I sprawl out on a blanket. Plus, when you picnic there are NO DISHES. That’s a win x 1000.

Just this Sunday it was the most perfect day in Sheep Meadow in the heart of Central Park and we had the dreamiest picnic. It didn’t get above 75 degrees all day which was insane for August and it felt like the whole city was celebrating. It was beyond lovely, plus I had all of my favorites packed: caprese sandwiches, coconut water, and the crazy delicious new noosa mates!

If you haven’t heard of noosa, I am SO happy that I get to introduce you to this goodness. I tried it for the first time a couple of years ago and now no other yoghurt matters. It’s hard to articulate the creamy deliciousness of this stuff with its unique combination of a sweet and tart taste and a thick, velvety texture, but trust me, it’s wonderful. It’s made in small batches on a family farm in Colorado with all wholesome ingredients: all-natural whole milk from happy cows, fresh fruit purees – made using the ripest, juiciest fruits and a touch of wildflower honey!

Plus, now noosa yoghurt has a brand new lineup of mix-in-style yoghurts that we tried at our picnic called noosa mates, pairing thick, velvety noosa whole milk yoghurt with high-quality, toppings like crunchy granolas, roasted nuts, pretzels and premium chocolate! These fun and delicious add-ins make noosa mates so satisfying and perfect for everything from a picnic, to a late night snack, to any moment in between (the pop-off, pop-on lid of the 5.5oz tubs encourages it!). We tried the honey pretzel peanut noosa and the maple ginger noosa and were literally fighting over who got the last bite (Next time I’m eating it whilst hiding in the bathroom so I don’t have to share. Learned that one the hard way).

You have GOT to get your hands on noosa mates asap, and once you do, I will be accepting thank you gifts in the form of gifted noosa and/or cash in return for the recommendation since you will surely be feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude toward me. I get it. It’s REAL delish.

You can find them nationwide at stores such at Target and Whole Foods in August!

What are your summer picnic must-haves? I’d love to hear your faves! Head to the comments and spill!

Happy picnicking!
ox. Liz

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