DIY Graphic Slingshots for Kids

Oh, summer vacation! Sometimes you are a sun-soaked day at the beach full of popsicles and warm sand and firefly catching and sometimes you are a whine-filled extravaganza of children fighting over the same water gun, coupled with a chorus of “I’m bored!” exclamations every half hour. It can be the best and the worst time of year and as moms, we’ve gotta be prepared for each iteration. So, today I am sharing my newest boredom buster for those days when it’s rainy, or too hot to live and you might be stuck inside seeking a little sanity. It’s a tutorial for these fun DIY graphic sling shots!

I love these sling shots for many reasons. First, they are so fun to make with kids! To make ours, we used a bunch of gorgeous adhesive vinyl colors from Expressions Vinyl (which they loved picking out), and then chose the fun shapes we wanted to use. This is a great way to let your kids be creative that isn’t messy and doesn’t require fancy skills. Then, once the kids decided on their colors and designs we just cut them out using a craft cutter! The other reason I love them is because they are so versatile. We found ourselves creating all kinds of games with them from shooting a certain number of pom poms into baskets to trying to hit a bullseye! This is a perfect way to shake up any summer boredom and have a blast. Here’s how you make them:

Adhesive Vinyl from Expressions Vinyl (One of my personal favorites for this project was the Metalized Chrome Vinyl! So cool.)
Unfinished sling shot (I found mine here.)
Multi-surface craft paint + brush
Craft cutter
Yarn for pom poms, if desired

  1. Paint your sling shot. I applied two coats and then let it dry completely.

2. While the paint is drying, choose your vinyl and designs. I love using Expressions Vinyl’s adhesive vinyl because the color and pattern options are endless and the quality is the best! Then, once you have selected your colors, choose the shapes you would like to cut out and use either a craft cutter or craft punches to cut out the vinyl (I use a Silhouette Cameo 3).

3. Remove your vinyl shapes and arrange them on the dry sling shots. You can really let your kiddos be creative with this step!

4. That’s it! Attach the rubber bands that came with your kit and you’re done! If desired, use yarn to make some pom pom balls for more kid-friendly play.

Aren’t they cute? I love all of the colors and shapes and I love that making them is not only fun for the kiddos, but the imaginative play that can come from the finished product is the best! I mean, it’s sure to buy you AT LEAST a little quiet Diet Coke and magazine on the back porch time.

At our house we have a rule that these sling shots only shoot pom pom balls and it has worked great! So far everyone still has both of their eyes and all of my window are intact. If that’s not a success, I don’t know what is.

What are your favorite ways to bust boredom during the summer? I’d love to hear your ideas! And be sure to enter below for a chance to win $50 to Expressions Vinyl to make your own summer craft creations! Good luck!

ox. Liz
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  • AlexisJune 29, 2017 - 8:04 pm

    These are so stinkin cute!ReplyCancel

  • CynthiaJuly 4, 2017 - 7:44 am

    I love these! I will have to make them for my nephew with super hero capes or sports items made with the vinyl! We have board game night once a week during the summer for fun.ReplyCancel

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  • KarenDecember 7, 2019 - 5:10 pm

    I am sorry, where did you find the unfinished slingshots? The link on this post takes you to the vinyl seller, not the sling shots. Thanks!ReplyCancel