PLG Travels: The Oregon Coast

A few posts back we shared our stay at The Historic Reed House in Manzanita, Oregon! For that post we mostly shared about the gorgeous beach home and my obsession with it, so in this second part of our little Oregon series we are sharing a bit about what we did when we finally pried ourselves from that stunning home (it was so hard to leave!). Like I mentioned in the previous post, this was my first time visiting the Oregon Coast and the beauty of that place really did a number on me. Sometimes it felt like you were in middle of a rainforest and sometimes it felt like you were in the middle of the Swiss Alps and sometimes it felt like you had gone back in time and were in an other-worldy place where dinosaurs might really be living. It’s wild and I loved it.


Staying at The Historic Reed House was so magical because of its proximity to the beach and the amazing cliffs that encompass Manzanita Beach. Those cliffs are massive and it is the most beautiful juxtaposition to see them against the moody, sprawling beach. The views from the home were magical, and once you got outside it was another level.

Our main activity of choice was definitely beach exploring, simple as it may be! The setting there is so stunning and peaceful that everyone just wanted to be out there as much as possible. The kids dug and ran and collected shells and it was so dreamy. We even saw a baby seal up on the beach one day! We learned from a local that the mama seal drops them there while she goes to get breakfast and then comes back later for the baby. We were in awe!

If you can break yourself away from the beach, the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook, Oregon (about 45 minutes away from Manzanita) is a must visit. I mean, the grilled cheese and ice cream alone were well worth the drive, not to mention the fun exhibits and taste testing! Plus, you can see stuff like this on the drive home:

Aside from our visit to Tillamook we had a great time visiting the quaint little seaside town of Manzanita that is around the corner from The Historic Reed Home. There is a great little Mexican restaurant that was so delicious and we fell in love with the local Manzanita market, Little Apple Grocery. Manzanita is a delightfully secluded area, but also very close to Cannon Beach. There you can find a few more tourist attractions, restaurants, shops, and the famous Haystack Rock which is definitely a must-see. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that thing!


Here’s the view from the deck of the Historic Reed Home. Incredible, right?

Like I said, beach, beach, beach, allllll day, everyday!

Isn’t Manzanita lovely? I couldn’t get enough of these views.



One of the nights we were there it stopped raining just before golden hour and everything turned misty and glowy all at once. It was incredible. I probably have 2000 pictures from this night alone on my camera. Have I mentioned how magical this place is?? There just aren’t enough superlatives for this blog post.


What a beautiful place. Sitting here in my tiny city apartment I already feel a big pull to go back for all that blue and all that green. Such a dream.

Thank you to The Houses on Manzanita Beach for the incredible trip and stay at The Historic Reed Home. You HAVE to book a trip. Promise me you’ll go!

Happy summer travels!
ox. Liz


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