“Let’s Snuggle” Blanket Gift Idea and Free Printable Tag


Christmas is less than TWO WEEKS AWAY! How can this be? As a procrastinator by nature this is the time when I start getting a little nervous about how few boxes I have checked on my gift list (which are none). For this reason and many more, I was so excited when our friends at Cariloha reached out to collaborate because this brand is so (attainably) luxurious making it perfect for gifting.

If you haven’t heard of Cariloha, they create ultra-soft and ridiculously comfortable clothing, bedding, bath sets and more all made of Cariloha’s proprietary bamboo blends. These are the softest products you will ever drape yourself in, making it the most wonderful gift to give if you can bring yourself to leave your super-soft Cariloha-clad bed to give it (Spoiler, you won’t be able to. Just make sure you have your laptop nearby and order online. Trust me.)

img_3228 img_3227

Therefore, as a result of my affection for the Cariloha softness, I have the perfect little gift idea for my fellow procrastinators, one that will make you look super thoughtful while barely lifting a finger: these printable “…And Then We’ll Snuggle” Gift Tags!

If you are a major Elf fan like we are at our house, then you already love this line from the movie about all of the things Buddy wants to do with his dad, my favorite being, “and then we’ll snuggle!” As a result of my affection for this line I created these fun tags that you can print off and attach to this, the most SNUGGLY blanket I have ever touched: the Plush Bamboo Cariloha Throw! Here’s what you do:


Get the tags from our shop, print them off, and cut them out!

img_3234 img_3232

Wrap your cozy blanket with some festive string and attach the tags. And if you’re feeling especially festive, you can add some evergreen sprigs.

img_3235 img_3230

That’s it! Now if you can bring yourself to give that blanket away (I don’t know how you could, it’s too dreamy), you have hereby given the gift of snuggling! What could be better?


What last minute gift ideas do you have up your sleeve? You know I want to steal them! To the comments with you!

ox. Liz

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