2015 PLG Round-Up

Friends! Another year on the PLG has come and gone and we can hardly believe it. Last night I was lying in bed with a mind full of project ideas (as I often do) and I felt so grateful for this little spot on the internets that lets us share those ever-swimming bedtime thoughts and meet the most lovely, supportive, and dear people in the process. It’s so great.

Now, my dears, refill your Diet Coke glass and get comfy as we bring you some of our favorite posts of 2015 for your clicking/pinning/viewing pleasure:

This perfect denim maxi is the sweetest.
Make these marbled mugs using nail polish!
Read about the miracle babies’ first birthday.
Love these Lime Ricki suits.
Dirty Coke floats with coconut ice cream FOREVER.
Chance is cute.
A weekend in NYC.
Make a cross stitch sweater!
This gorgeous maxi is magic.
Love these DIY zipper pouches.
Funfetti donuts!
Gold everything! Make these pineapple bookends.
This gorg makeup tutorial with Burts Bees is so purdy.
Make a neon statement necklace!
Dipped Nutter-Butters are my true love.
Back-to-school style with Redd.
Make this lovely embroidered wall-hanging.
Another maxi we’ll love forever.
Holiday fun with Cents of Style.
S’mores! S’mores! S’mores!
This jam is so jam good.

What are YOUR favorites? You know how we need your approval. Also, thank you SO much for sticking with us another year. We like you so much.

Bring it, 2016!
oxox. Liz & Sam

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