The Ultimate

Have you ever had an ultimate cookie bar? It’s this mind-blowing treat that takes the best parts of baked desserts and combines them to rock your world: A layer of brownie, a layer of oreos, and a layer of cookie dough TOGETHER. Have. Mercy. In Utah where I live there is a place that makes the BEST ones around and GOSH why did I get myself thinking about them what am I even doing here again? Oh…right. The jumpsuit. What a feat of clothing genius. It’s sort of like the ultimate cookie bar of the fashion world, everything you want in one: sass, comfort, looks like a million but feels like not much work at all, all of it. This one from SheIn is money in the bank but doesn’t cost a lot of money from your bank (it’s only $25!) so you will have money leftover after you buy it to go get some ultimate cookie bars to celebrate and now I have successfully come full-circle and can conclude this post so I can get said bars in my face RN.

Happy Monday!
ox. Sam

Jumpsuit: Shein
Shoes: AMI
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