3 DIY Scarf Tutorials

I love a good scarf in the fall and winter, but you know how we feel about spending money on stuff we know we can replicate for a portion of the price. Enter these three DIY scarf tutorials. These tutorials could not be any easier, each one took hardly any time, two of the three cost under $5, and the other was under $10. What more could you want from a DIY project? Now, let’s get to it…
1. Polka Dot Stamped Scarf
What you need:
– Scarf // $3 Walmart
– Acryllic Paint // $1.50 Michaels
Total: $4.50
1. Pour paint on a plate or in a bowl.
2. Use the paint bottle lid as a stamp and stamp all over the scarf.
3. Let paint dry.
I love how this scarf turned out. But I made the mistake of stamping my scarf on newspaper, which ended up sticking to the paint as it dried, and I had to spend way too much time peeling newspaper off those dang polka dots. I would recommend using an old towel that you don’t mind getting paint on for easy separation.
2. Frayed Blanket Scarf
What you need:
– Plaid flannel // $9 (for 1 1/2 yards, with coupon) Joann
Total: $9.00
1. Buy fabric.
2. Fray the edges.
This scarf was inspired by the Zara blanket scarf that is all over Pinterest right now. How genius to make an enormous scarf that can double as a blanket or scarf! And even though $30 isn’t the most ridiculous price I have ever heard of (don’t get me wrong – I would never spend that on scarf), I knew I could make one for substantially less.
3. Candy Dot Scarf
What you need:
– Scarf // $3 Walmart
– Pom poms // $1.99 Hobby Lobby
Total: $4.99
1. Lay out scarf and arrange pom poms.
2. Using a glue gun, or some other adhesive, glue each pom pom in place.
This Candy Dot sweater, which I will probably also be DIYing for myself, gave me the idea for this scarf. I love how fun and colorful it is, and you could make one to match any cardi or coat or pullover in your closet.
And there you have it! Three extremely affordable, super easy, and extra cute scarf DIYs.
xo, Sam
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