DIY GC Dress Up

Today I shall blog in defense of gift cards. You see, people think they aren’t good gifts. They’re not thoughtful, they say. They’re not as good as a traditional gift, they insist. Well, I’m here to tell you, those GC-naysayers are wrong. WRONG. Sure, I love and dearly appreciate tearing open a gift that someone spent time searching for, thinking about, wrapping up and presenting! But can we be real? It’s not every time that that thing that they searched and thought and wrapped is right. Sure, gasp in shock at the statement if you must, but you know I speak the truth. That, my friends is what makes the GC so good. A. It means you will always get it right. B. It means giving the gift that keeps on giving. The gift of guilt-free SHOPPING. 
Still a GC-naysayer? Well, if my tirade on the subject has not swayed your gift card affections, perhaps today’s partnership with Smith’s will do the trick. You see, Smith’s is not only a great place to buy groceries, but also has a huge selection of gift cards, so you don’t have to run around town getting all the gift cards you need for the holiday season. Plus, if you are a GC-naysayer, take a look at what we were able to put together all at Smith’s to dress up that gift card prettier than any cashmere scarf from your Grandma’s anti-gift-card-boring-stuff store (Those are real). 



Pretty, huh? We took a Macy’s gift card that we picked up from Smith’s, and without having to go to any other stores, whipped up a gift perfect for the fashionista in your life, complete with fashion mag, sassy red nail polish and lip gloss, face masks, and hot tamales. Easy. Affordable. Thoughtful. Get under my tree.
It’s time to get on team gift card, people! Get it right and save time so you can eat more fudge. That’s just good sense.
ox/Liz and Sam
Full disclosure: This post and all items included in the post are sponsored and provided by Smith’s. All thoughts expressed, pairing ideas, and images are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors and this blog!  


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