DIY GC Dress-Up, Part 2!

Last week, along with a good solid tirade in defense of gift cards, we partnered with Smith’s to give you some ideas for dressing up a GC to make it a sassy little gift for the fashionista in your life. Well, today we are at it again and have done a little GC dress-up for your foodie family members, friends, or really, just for the humans in your life who consume food, since you don’t have to be a cuisine connoisseur to see that this gift is YUMMY. Yep, this one will be a crowd pleaser for sure because crowds looove cheese. At least the ones I run in.

All we did for this GC dress-up is pair a $25 Smith’s gift card with some festive treats like some fancy bread/cheese/sparkling cider to make the yummiest little basket. And, if you ask me, this is the perfect foolproof last-minute idea because it is sure to make anyone happy, and it looks super thoughtful for little effort since you can get it all at Smith’s in one fell swoop. Win x 1000.

Here’s a breakdown of what we used (all picked up at Smith’s!):
Smith’s gift card // Sparkling Cider // A block of fancy cheese // Pomegranate //
A loaf of artisan bread // Godiva Peppermint Truffles // Whole walnuts



Yep. That’s one great gift that was a piece of cake. Also, I recommend when you give it that you just don’t leave and then maybe they will share with you. Also, maybe now I also recommend you add a piece of cake. It’s your call though.

ox/Sam & Liz

Full disclosure: This post and all items included are sponsored by Smith’s. All thoughts expressed, pairing ideas, and images are our own. Thank you for supporting the sponsor’s that support this blog!

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