Bracelet-Making Tips and Tricks


Below, you will find basic steps for making your bracelets. We've also
included some tips that you might find helpful. If you have any
additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out! We are happy to help!

Steps for Bracelet Making

1. Thread your selection of beads on the elastic.
2. Once you are done threading, tie the ends in a double knot.
3. Trim the excess elastic.
4. Tag us in your pictures with #prettylifegirls!

Tips & Tricks

You can make the bracelets as pictured, or do your own thing! Have fun making a variety of patterns with your beads. You can do this by doing some larger sections of colors, change colors with each bead, add gold beads in certain places and personalize them with lettered beads! We liked thinking about what color combinations would look best worn in a stack and went from there.
Measure the length of elastic that will be beaded by wrapping elastic around your wrist and marking the end with a marker.
Try laying out your beads in the order you will be stringing them to make sure you like your design.
With the elastic included in the kits, you can tie a regular knot to finish your bracelet. Trim the excess string near the knot, but not right up against it. If you find that your knot slips or loosens, place a dot of super glue on the knot.
To mix up the way you finish your bracelet, tie the knot, then tie a couple beads on the ends of the excess string.

Learn more bracelet-making tips on our YouTube channel!