How to Tie Dye Step by Step with the DIY Guide to Tie Dye Style Book


We are so excited to announce our book, DIY Guide to Tie Dye Style: The Basics & WAY Beyond! This book has everything you need to know to start learning how to tie dye, including 10 tie dye patterns, 20 tie dye projects, as well as pages of helpful guides for sourcing supplies, choosing fabrics and setting dyes, and helpful tips for getting the best results! Keep scrolling to learn more about what you can find in the book!

Which tie dye techniques are in the book?

We'll show you how to bind and create different tie dye patterns, from the classic bullseye and spiral to more complex techniques such as Shibori-inspired binding! You'll also learn tips for different tie dye methods, like bleach tie dye, pastel tie dye, ice tie dye, and getting the most success with tie dye colors!


Along with binding and application, we will also walk you through caring for your fabrics, setting your projects and more!


What kind of tie dye products do you use?

We'll break down all of the tools and products you'll need to make a variety of tie dye projects, from gloves and binding tools, to how to prepare your surface for tie dye success! We'll also discuss all of the different brands we use from Rit tie dye, tulip tie dye, and even how to make tie dye from natural ingredients. Plus, we'll help you know what fabrics and dyes work best together!


What tie dye projects do you share?

In this book we share 20 unique and one-of-a-kind projects from wearables like tie dye shirts, tie dye sweatshirts, a tie dye dress, and a tie dye set! We also create projects for your home, gift ideas, party decorations and more!

We can't wait for you to get your hands on this book! When you open its pages, we'll be right there with you to teach you about binding, setting, and application, as well as to inspire you with accessible projects that will make your closet more colorful and your living spaces more vibrant.


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