How To Paint Peg Dolls Like Farm Animals

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Learn how to paint peg dolls like farm animals! These Dress-up Peg Dolls from Woodpeckers Crafts are the perfect blank canvas for DIY farm animal toys!


How to paint peg dolls like farm animals

Wooden peg dolls are one of our favorite crafting surfaces because there are so many fun things you can make! We’ve made a Nativity set and a Halloween village, and we are so excited to add these mix-and-match farm animals to the collection!

These peg dolls from Woodpeckers are a little different from your traditional wood peg dolls because the heads and bodies are separate. We love the idea of kids being creative and mixing up the heads and bodies of these farm animals to make their own creatures!

Now, let’s talk about how we made them.

Materials needed for Farm Animal Wood Peg Dolls

Dress-up Peg Doll Bundle
Craft paint
Paint pens
Wood glue
Various wood shapes


How to paint peg dolls

Because peg dolls generally come unfinished, you don’t need to prep the wood with sanding or a primer. Just use your favorite craft paint (we love FolkArt for coverage and color options) and apply as many coats as you’d like.

Paint pens make adding small details super easy. But if you have a small paint brush, you can achieve similar results.


Steps for DIY Farm Animal Wood Peg Dolls

Step 1: Use craft paint and a paint brush to paint the peg doll pieces with the desired base coat colors. Let dry.

Step 2: Make ears, horns, and other embellishments by attaching wood beads and findings with wood glue.

Step 3: Add faces, spots, and other details with paint pens or paint and a small brush. Let dry.

Step 4: Spray the peg dolls with a clear sealant for a glossy finish.

Step 5: Attach any felt or fur embellishments with glue.

farm-animals-peg-dolls-pig-chickenAre they cute or what? I’m already planning my woodland animal and zoo animal sets!


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Happy making!

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