Halloween Decor: DIY Skull Vase with Flowers

A couple of years ago we got our hands on a few dollar store skulls and created 3 ways to decorate with them for Halloween (you can view that post here). We love (and still use) those skulls, but this year, we wanted to recreate one of those projects to fit the Halloween glam trend we’ve been noticing online and in stores. So, today we are showing you how to make your own DIY Skull Vase with Flowers you can make with a foam skull from the dollar store!

When we first made vases from dollar store skulls we used plastic skulls that are relatively thick and hollow in the middle. These worked great and if that is all you can find, our tutorial will walk you through creating a vase using those. However, this year our dollar store had foam skulls which ended up being perfect for flower arranging because you don’t need any floral foam to keep stems in place! Plus, they are so easy to cut through. We couldn’t believe how quickly this beauty came together. It was spooky!

Here is what you need to make your own:

Supplies Needed to Make a DIY Skull Vase with Flowers

Foam Skull (we found ours at our local Dollar Tree)
Utility Knife
Matte Black Spray Paint
Wire Cutters
Faux Fall Flowers

How to Make a DIY Skull Vase with Flowers

Watch the video (and be sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel), or read the steps below!

Step 1: Using a utility knife, carefully cut a circle in the top of the skull and pop it out. Then, continue to hollow out the skull with the knife until you have a hole that is a couple of inches deep and wide.

Step 2: In a well-ventilated area, spray paint your skull until covered completely. Let dry.

Step 3: Using wire cutters, carefully cut down the stems of your faux flowers to your desired size.

Step 4: Arrange your flowers by sticking them in the hole in the skull and pressing them through the interior foam to secure.

Isn’t it so gorgeous and moody? We love it. And with just four easy steps you’ve created a pretty and spooky floral arrangement that you can use to set the Halloween mood, year after year!

Now, we want to know — what’s your Halloween decor style? Do you stick to classic orange and black? Do you gravitate toward the glam or is it scary all the way? Tell us everything!

Happy (Halloween) Making!
ox. Liz and Sam

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