How to Make Candles: 5 DIY Candle Tutorials

If you were following our blog earlier this year then you might have been around when we fell down a TikTok rabbit hole and became crazy about how to make candles. However, we’re not talking about your Grandma’s tapers that she pulls our for Sunday dinners — these DIY candles are bold, colorful, graphic, candles that are sure to stop you in your tracks! For some of these projects you’ll need a few candle making tools, and for others, all you’ll need are some ready-made candles and some simple supplies to give them the wow factor. Your table has never looked cooler!

Let’s talk about our faves! (Click the links below to go to the full tutorials!)

1. DIY Bubble Candle Tutorial

We’ve seen these candles on sale for anywhere from $30-$60 at some fancy boutiques, but they are shockingly easy to DIY! Our tutorial will walk you through all of the tools you’ll need and once you make one, you’ll be hooked! We love the shape of these cuties and they add a pop of interest to any bookshelf.

2. DIY Funky Twisted Taper Candles

These are the candles that started it all when we came across a TikToker bending and twisting taper candles. All it takes is some candles, hot water, and a bit of patience and you can create candles that are modern, fun, and incredibly eye-catching. You have to try these!

3. DIY Dip Dye Candles Tutorial

We love these dipped candles that we made from leftover bubble candle wax. Just grab some white taper candles from the dollar store before you make your bubble candles and instead of throwing out your extra wax, dip your candles for a fun colorblocked effect!

DIY Twisted Birthday Candles + a tutorial featured by Top US Craft Blog + The Pretty Life Girls4. DIY Twisted Birthday Cake Candles

After falling so deeply in love with twisting taper candles, we had to see if birthday candles would twist and bend too, and GUYS, they were made for it! Birthday candles start to bend just seconds are sitting in warm water and the impact they make on a cake is beyond. These things are as happy as it gets. Your cakes aren’t ready!

DIY Striped Taper Candles + a tutorial featured by Top US Craft Blog + The Pretty Life Girls5. DIY Striped Taper Candles

This is a super simple way to add an easy graphic element to your plain taper candles. All we did was tape off sections with painter’s tape and paint in between with multi-surface paint! This is a really fun way to add a pop to a table, and since you can choose the candles and paint to match the color scheme of your gathering, it will elevate your table decor every time!

That’s it! Are you candle-crazy yet? Which one are you going to try first?

Happy making!
ox. Sam and Liz

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