How to Decorate a Rental Home: 5 Easy Ways

If you have followed this blog for awhile then you may be as exhausted as I am to learn that I have recently moved states and homes, yet again (New Orleans –> Utah)! However, any big life change brings lessons which are all grist for the mill, which means I have now acquired even MORE tips for how to decorate a rental home. As a result, I am hereby ready to impart my wisdom since, here we are, decorating ANOTHER rental! (Find our other posts on styling spaces for my other moves to NYC here and NOLA here.)

So, today I’m sharing my 5 favorite tips for how to decorate a rental home, or any space that you can’t paint, tear down walls, or alter below the surface. Let’s do it.

 1. Removable Wallpaper 4Evr

This stuff has gotten so popular over the last couple of years and it is for good reason — it can completely transform a space! Our newest rental is newer which is great, but new can sometimes mean there isn’t as much charm as an older space, and that is where removable wallpaper comes in. Removable wallpaper can add character where there wasn’t any before and it can be easily removed when you move! We absolutely LOVE Spoonflower wallpaper for adorning our walls, so much so that this is the second home we have used it in (we also used one of their fab geometric patterns it in our NOLA apartment, here).

If you haven’t used Spoonflower before, we cannot recommend it enough. Spoonflower was launched in 2008 in Durham, North Carolina with the dream of empowering individuals to create, print and sell their own artwork on fabric, and wallpaper! As a result, Spoonflower has thousands of patterns that you can choose from to make your space one of a kind. Plus, they have recently welcomed Roostery home decor products to Spoonflower.com over the past three months. Bedding products launched in July, dining in August and rounded out the product catalog with living & decor this month! Now you can easily shop ready-made home decor items from Roostery directly on Spoonflower!

We chose this fab black peonies pattern from Spoonflower for our wall and could not be more obsessed. It feels so special since it is made by an individual artist and it literally stops people in their tracks when they enter the room.

 2. Hang some curtains

I love hanging curtains in my living space because it can add some much needed texture, especially in a rental where you can’t make a lot of permanent changes. We chose these curtains from Spoonflower that come in a variety of prints and fabrics, are beautifully made, and ready to hang. I love the design because it doesn’t overpower the room but still adds a fun bit of interest.

3. Add in some things you can throw

Throw pillows and blankets are the easiest and quickest way to add pattern, color and texture to a space, and I am fully obsessed with both. Every time I come home with a new pillow my husband rolls his eyes, but GUYS, they are all ESSENTIAL to the space, I promise.

The throw pillows (this one, this one and this one) and blankets we picked from Spoonflower are so full of character and feel completely luxurious. You can get the pillows in a bunch of different fabrics, but I have to recommend the Celosia Velvet since it is so soft you can’t not lay your whole face on these babies. Couple that with a Spoonflower throw that comes in minky fabric and you will have died and gone to soft things heaven. (I got it in this faaab leopard fabric and I love it too much.)

4. Switch out the lights

This room came with a ceiling fan and can lights, and guys…that ain’t it. We need eye-catching! We need BRIGHT! So I swapped out that boring fan with this stunner from Kichler and what a game-changer. You might recognize this model as a sister to the brass one we hung in NOLA, and we went with it again (this time in black) because it truly transforms a room.

5. Add a rug you want to roll around on

A well-placed area rug can do wonders for any space. It can instantly add warmth and comfort across cold, hard flooring, and it can make things feel more intimate! I fell in love with this shag beauty from Well Woven because of its fluffiness, its cool pattern, and those tassels, and once I laid it down the whole room just started to work. Plus, every person whose feet have touched this rug can’t help but fall in love. It is SO soft. If you’re in the market to get your own (and you SHOULD), use code PRETTYLIFEGIRLS15 at checkout for 15% off your order!

That’s it! Come visit anytime! And be sure to let us know your temp tips for decorating a rental! We’d love to hear them!

ox. Liz

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