5 Ways to Add Foil to Your Projects

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Today on Studio 5, we shared some fun ideas for adding gold foil to decor and gifts. We love gold foil because it adds a touch of glamour to any project, and there are lots of different ways to get a foil effect!  Keep reading for some of our favorites!

1. Foil Adhesive

We added foil to these Marbled and Foiled Pillows using DecoFoil Liquid Adhesive and Foil Transfer Sheets. All you have to do is apply the liquid adhesive where you want gold to appear with the precision tip on the bottle or with a paint brush, let it dry (it will be tacky), and then rub the foil sheets on the sticky spots. The foil on these pillows is washable, which is perfect for fabrics.

2. Laser Printer and Laminator

These Best Mom Ever Tags are the easiest to make, thanks to laser prints and a laminator. Just print any design on a laser printer (inkjet won’t work), place a foil transfer sheet over the design, and run it through a laminator (we recommend this one). When you remove the foil, you will have a beautiful, shiny design that takes any print to the next level.

3. Vinyl

It’s no secret that we love vinyl crafts around here, and we REALLY love using foil adhesive and heat transfer vinyl in our projects. For these Girl Power Pouches, we used foil heat transfer vinyl that we cut with a Silhouette CAMEO and ironed on.

4. Temporary Tattoo

Everyone knows how easy it is to apply a temporary tattoo, which is why we love using them in crafting! We made these Foiled Monogrammed Mugs with Silhouette Tattoo Paper, but we also love using ready-made foil tattoos from Tattly.


5. Gilding

Gilding is such a fun way to add some visual interest to a project, like these Cement Hanging Planters. Just dab the gilding adhesive on the craft’s surface where you’d like gold to appear. Once’s it’s dried, apply the gilding sheets and rub off excess. So beautiful!

Happy foiling!
xo, Sam & Liz