Lace-Cut Summer Reading Bookmarks

These Summer Reading Bookmarks were originally created for Consumer Crafts.

I’ve got major reading goals for the summer – who’s with me?! Whether you or your kids have reading goals to stay sharp amidst all the summer fun, these Lace-Cut Summer Reading Bookmarks will make reading even more fun. They are the perfect accessory for all your favorite books! Keep scrolling for the tutorial.

Supplies needed to make Summer Reading Bookmarks

Cutting machine
Brights cardstock

White cardstock
Adhesive (spray adhesive, glue dots, glue stick, etc)
Laminator (optional)
Embroidery floss

Step 1: Cut your design twice on one color for each bookmark, using a cutting machine. I used this lace border design by Lori Whitlock, which can be purchased in the Silhouette Design Store.

Step 2: Cut only the outer edge of the design on white cardstock, once for each bookmark.

Step 3: Attach the colored/detailed pieces on each side of the white cardstock piece using your adhesive. You can also run your bookmarks through a laminator to make them really heavy-duty!

Step 4: Make a tassel out of embroidery floss by taking a string of floss and tying a knot in the middle of the spool. Tie another knot at the top of the two ends of the middle string. Fold the floss in half at the tie, keeping the tied string separate from the rest of the floss (you’ll use this piece to attach to the bookmark).

Step 5: Still keeping the tied string separate, wrap a string around the spool of floss near the top and tie a knot. Cut the excess. Then cut the fringe for the tassel in a straight line.

Step 6: Punch a hole in the top of the bookmark, and attach the tassel by looping the tied string through the hole. 

That’s it! Your kids (and YOU) will love meeting summer reading goals with these cuties to mark each page!

Happy reading!
xo, Sam