Jumpsuits FAQ: Everything You Want to Know about Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have been around for a while now, but they are no less polarizing. We are here to argue the case FOR jumpsuits, so keep reading as we dive into this FAQ, featuring one of our favorites from Cleo Madison! If you’re anti-jumpsuit, or on the fence about them, we think we might win you over.

Jumpsuits FAQ 1

Where is the best place to buy jumpsuits?

These days you can find jumpsuits pretty much anywhere, but it can be tricky to find the perfect one. This darling floral jumpsuit is from Cleo Madison, which is an awesome place to find affordable, modest, and stylish jumpsuits (and let’s not forget tops, dresses, and skirts). You can find some of our other favorite jumpsuits, and where to get them, by scrolling through our Instagram.

Jumpsuits FAQ 2

Can jumpsuits be worn formally?

Yes! One of our favorite things about jumpsuits is that they are so easy to dress up or down. I chose to wear this jumpsuit casually with comfy sandals, but how chic would it be with heels and a black blazer for a special occasion? There are so many possibilities, and jumpsuits are super adaptable.

Jumpsuits FAQ 3

Are jumpsuits flattering? What jumpsuits work best for which body type?

In our opinion, jumpsuits can be one of the most flattering pieces of clothing. Sticking with dark colors that fit well (not too loose or too tight) and define the waist is our formula for choosing a jumpsuit that works for all body types.

Jumpsuits FAQ 4

How should I style jumpsuits?

We mentioned this a little bit already, but there are so many ways to style a jumpsuit! Just like a dress, you can throw it on and then change the overall look with your styling choices. Add a blazer and heels for a more formal occasion. Top it with a moto jacket and booties for something edgy. Pair it with a denim jacket and sneakers for every day. If the jumpsuit is sleeveless, layer a t-shirt underneath for a laid-back feel. We could go on and on.

Jumpsuits FAQ 5

Why are jumpsuits so great?

We love love love jumpsuits. They make getting ready a breeze, and you can make them work for all seasons, events, body types, comfort levels, and budgets! Now go get one!

Happy shopping!
xo, Sam