Spring Dressing Tips with Pink Blush!

It’s that weird in-between transitional dressing time again. You know it. It’s kind of the growing-out-bangs of style times. It’s awkward. It’s tricky. It’s that time when winter might, maybe, may start moving along, and the stores are starting to tempt us with floral and pastel and things that show the parts of skin that haven’t seen the light of day in months (send self tanner, plz). However, no matter how many short skirts and sandals are in the store or how SICK we may be of looking at our same heavy wool sweaters, the thermometer continues to insist that it’s too soon. (Insert crying/screaming/face palm emoji riiiight here.)

Yes, these are trying times to be a clothes lover but we aren’t going to let it get us down! Today we’ve got a few tips and transitional pieces we love that are great for going from winter to sprinter to spring with the help of our friends at Pink Blush! Let’s get dressed!

Tip 1: Buy the romper. Everyone knows a romper is a comfy dream that is basically a chic onesie, but it is also perfect for transitioning! You can easily layer a romper with a cardigan or denim jacket while it is still cool and pair it with a bootie, but, when the sun starts shining you can shed all of that and add a sandal! This floral one from Pink Blush is softer than my cozy bamboo sheets and has a real cute tie detail. Find it here.

Tip 2: Try a cut-out bootie: If you are getting sick of pulling on your same boring and functional boots that you’ve worn all winter, it might be time to upgrade with a cut-out bootie! Booties with a cut-out add a pop of visual interest to your outfit, you can wear a trouser sock or tights with them while it is still cold, and they are perfect for any outfit once it warms up!

Tip 3: Add some spring color to your cardi: And not just your cardis, you can sneak it in all over! Even if it is still wintery temps wherever you are, you can bring the spring by layering with a pink sweater, adding in some robins-egg blue earrings or by putting on a yellow flat! Sneak in that spring color wherever you can until that first 60 degree day comes and you can feel completely free to dress from head to toe in chartreuse. This lovely lilac cardigan from Pink Blush is a perfect place to start. Find it right here.

Tip 4: Go Nude: When spring weather starts to appear I love adding more nudes to my wardrobe. It is so fresh and feminine and adds a gorgeous touch of classy minimalism. Plus, nudes pair gorgeously with the blacks and dark colors in your winter wardrobe as well as the pastels and color of you spring/summer wardrobe so they are great for transitioning. Try adding in some nudes with a light beige loafer (like me!), a lovely nude lip, or a sleek trench coat.

Good luck with your transitional dressing, friends! We know you’re gonna look fab!
OX. Liz & Sam