Make DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper with the Silhouette Mint!

This post is sponsored by Silhouette. All opinions expressed are ours alone. 

Tell us your wrapping strategy. Are you one to wrap as you buy and store your presents away, perfectly tied and tagged until Christmas? Or, are you one to be feverishly taping and folding your gifts late on Christmas Eve, praying you will get them all wrapped before the littles come tip-toeing down the stairs on Christmas morning? I am definitely the latter, but this year I’m motivated to not procrastinate by my little friend, the Silhouette Mint!

You know we are big Silhouette fans on this blog, but it is generally our Cameo 3 that gets all the attention, however, the Cameo’s little sister, the Silhouette Mint Custom Stamp Maker, has a magic that is all its own! If you aren’t familiar, the Silhouette Mint is a little machine that makes your designs into the most clever little stamps. These stamps are so fun because they can be personalized in the cutest ways! You can upload your own photos, use a Silhouette Design Store design, or create your own! Then, the Silhouette Mint makes incredibly detailed stamps from what you upload!

I love using my Mint because it is so easy and the result are FUN. This year, I decided to use it to make my own wrapping paper to motivate me to get some wrapping down before Christmas Day, and it worked! I’ll show you how! Let’s get wrapping.

Supplies Needed: 

Silhouette Mint Custom Stamp Maker
Silhouette Mint Stamp Kit (I used two 45mm x 45mm stamps)
Silhouette Mint Ink (I used Orchid, Red & Green)
White Butcher Paper or Solid White Wrapping Paper
Ribbon/Yarn/Bows for wrapping

1. Make your stamps! The Silhouette Mint comes with a wonderful design software that lets you create your design and make it come to life! Simply arrange your design within the square on the software, choose your filter, if desired, and send it to your Mint to make your stamp! (If this is your first time ever working with your Mint, this tutorial is the perfect place for beginners to start!)

For my wrapping paper I used this and this design from the Silhouette Design Store. Then I loaded my designs into Photoshop and removed the sparkle from the first design and repeated the diamond three times for the first stamp. For the second stamp, I added the diamond to the end of the “Merry & Bright” design in photoshop. Once the designs were loaded and arranged in the software, I clicked “Send to Mint” and watched the magic happen!

2. Once your stamp has been printed, remove your stamp sheet from its cardboard base and plastic, peel off the backing on your stamp mount and adhere your design to the mount. Then, slide your mount onto the stamp base.

3. Once your stamp has been assembled, it’s time to add the ink! The great thing about these stamps is that you can stamp around 50 times with one stamp between inkings! Carefully squeeze your desired ink colors over the lines of the design. Give the ink a few seconds to seep into the design. After this, I like to do a few test stamps on a scrap piece of paper to get rid of any excess ink. After that, you’re ready to stamp!

4. Once you have tested out your stamp it’s time to stamp your wrapping paper! Stamp with some pressure, covering the length of the paper!

5. Once you have finished one design of wrapping paper, it’s time to make another! I loved making another stamp that had some of the same design elements as the first to make it a set! Just repeat the above the directions for your second design, and once they are done, get to wrapping!

That’s it! Isn’t your mind just REELING with the possibilities? This little Mint can make anything into a stamp which means you can put anything on wrapping paper, or gift tags, or greeting cards, or business cards, or envelopes, etc., ETC. Truly, it’s the most fun.

Aside from being the funnest way to create, you can also make custom Mint stamps that you can give as gifts! Put a friends face and their favorite catch phrase on a stamp, then give the stamp to them for Christmas and their mind will be blown! The Silhouette Mint is also super affordable on it’s own and would be the most lovely gift for the crafters in your life!


I love having a coordinated wrapping job, and with all of the Silhouette Mint colors, and all of the designs you could create, you could make wrapping paper that matches any kind of decor or theme! You’re never going to have ugly wrapping paper again. You’re welcome.

What design would you put on your DIY wrapping paper? We’d love to hear!

Happy stamping!
ox. Liz