Make a Silhouette Advent Calendar

This post was originally published October 2018 and updated as of November 2022.

This DIY Silhouette Advent Calendar is such a fun way to count down to Christmas and comes together super easily with our cut files!

Make a Silhouette Advent Calendar

We’re about to hit you with one of our favorite (and most popular) Christmas projects EVER.

Before we get into the details, you can make this advent calendar with whatever cutting machine you use, and we’ll share the link to the cut files to customize your calendar. You can cut and decorate each of the boxes, number them and fill them with treats to be opened every day through the month of December!

Want to see how it comes together? Let’s do it! 

Supplies needed to make a Silhouette Advent Calendar

Cutting machine
Foam board
25 pieces of white cardstock
Patterned paper
Adhesive vinyl
Glue (I used my hot glue gun)
Cut file

DIY Silhouette Advent Calendar Boxes

Step 1: Using our cut file, cut 25 boxes on white cardstock (or color of your choice. You can get our file right here:

Step 2: Fold the cut box pieces using the folding guide included with the cut files. Assemble the boxes by applying hot glue along tab A and attaching inside edge B. Fold in both C tabs, then fold and tuck in the ends (D). 

Step 3: Use the box fronts cut file to cut out 25 triangles for your boxes. We found some really fun holiday papers that we loved and cut a couple triangles out of each pattern.

Step 4:. Next, cut your numbers. You can do this on paper, vinyl, or sticker paper! We cut our numbers out in several colors to match our patterned papers. We included numbers in our file, but feel free to make your own in your preferred font!

Step 5: Once you have cut all of your pieces, lay them out to determine how you are going to attach them to your boxes. This was so fun and felt a lot like quilting when you are piecing out your design.

Step 6: Next, attach your triangles and your numbers to the boxes using the adhesive of your choice. We used hot glue.

DIY Silhouette Advent Calendar Frame

Now it’s time to make the frame. Don’t let the number of steps deter you – it’s super easy. Here we go!

Step 7: Lay your boxes out to create the triangle shape, pushing the boxes together as tightly as possible with the fronts facing up. Measure your foam board along the three sides to know how long to cut each piece and mark with a pencil. Each piece should be about 4 inches wide, but we found that measuring the length against the laid out boxes ensured a perfect fit. 

Step 8: Cut each side piece of foam board with a craft knife, using a ruler to cut straight edges. Place the cut side pieces around the arrangement of laid out boxes (to make sure you get the angles right), and use hot glue to attach the corners together and create a frame.

Step 9: Lay the frame your remaining foam board and trace the triangle shape with a pencil. Cut the triangle out and attach to the back of the frame with hot glue.

Step 10: Fill the box with your triangle boxes, according to the numbers you have assigned them.

Tip: If you notice your gift boxes settling down into the boxes below them and leaving gaps, add a shelf to help them sit straight. Just cut a piece of foam board the width of the frame above the bottom two rows of boxes, cut it, and attach it to the frame with hot glue. We added a shelf in this version.

That’s it! You’ve made the most darling and clever advent calendar ever! Fill each box with treats, quotes, scriptures, and candy and get ready to have the sweetest December.

I love it so much. Making it was such a pleasure and I can’t wait to use it year after year. You can’t let this one pass you by! It’s so unique and customizable!

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Happy making!
ox. Liz