DIY Beaded Galaxy Sweatshirt

This project was originally created for Consumer Crafts.

Have you seen the galaxy trend that is popping up all over the internet lately? The constellations and stars and sparkles and colors are right up our alley. And because we always love trying our hands at DIYing the next big thing, we decided to make this beaded DIY galaxy sweatshirt. It was so fun and easy to make – if you can iron and sew on a button, you can make this! Such a fun way to elevate a $7 sweatshirt to something on-trend with a lot of personality.

Supplies needed to make your own DIY galaxy sweatshirt:

After cutting your vinyl into stars using a cutting machine or hole punch (I did two different sizes), use your iron to apply them to the sweatshirt, following the instructions on the vinyl packaging.

Mark spots for the beads with a marker if you are a planner like me (you can see black dots on the sweatshirt below if you look closely), or you can freehand your beading if you are feeling confident!

Sew your beads to the sweatshirt, as if you are sewing on a button, so they are secure. Sewing each bead is a little bit time-consuming but I wanted them to be very secure. But you could totally use a bead glue (like the one in the Supplies list) to speed up the process.

Admire your DIY galaxy masterpiece!

I love how this project would work for kiddos and adults. Think about how cute this would be with other colors and shapes, too. The possibilities are endless!

So, what do you think? Are you into the galaxy trend, or not so much? We wanna hear your opinions!

Happy crafting!
xo, Sam