DIY Oh Hello Tote Bag

This past year has been the year of the tote bag for me. Since moving to NYC last year, they have become my best friends since the things I used to toss in the back of my car to take from point A to Z I now have to carry with me on my walk or train ride. Tote bags are great because they are easy to smoosh up and store somewhere without taking up the space of a more structured purse or bag and you can fit an awful lot of Diet Coke in those suckers. Plus, they are like a blank canvas, which, for a crafter, is the funnest ever.

So today, we are using some of my favorite EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl from Expressions Vinyl to make this fun “Oh Hello” tote bag, perfect for everything from summer adventures to carrying home your groceries in style. We love using Expressions Vinyl heat transfer vinyl for this project because the color options are endless and the qualities is the best out there. Here is how you make it!

Supplies Needed:
EasyWeed 12 x 12 Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets from Expressions Vinyl
Plain Tote Bag from Expressions Vinyl
Dish towel

1. Measure and cut out your design using your craft cutter (I use a Silhouette Cameo 3). You can find the two designs I used here and here. (Note: Don’t forget to flip your words horizontally so that they read in the correct direction after you iron!)

2. Remove the excess vinyl around your design.

3. Arrange your design on your tote bag. Since I used multiple colors for this project, this meant cutting out the parts of the designs I wanted to use in each color, then arranging them before ironing.

4. Cover design with your dish towel and iron with a hot, dry iron, using pressure, in 30 second increments per area until fully adhered.

5. Carefully peel up the backing. If any of the design still lifts with the backing, lay it back down, cover with the towel, and keep ironing until fully adhered.

That’s it! Now it’s time to stuff it with sunscreen and snack and get going! You’re gonna look so cute out there.

This tote bag project is so fun because they are endlessly adaptable with all of the Expressions Vinyl color options. And if you’re like me and think more is more, whip out some yarn and make a quick beaded tassel! You can find tutorials for this allll over Pinterest and they easy and CUTE.

What fun summer projects do you have up your sleeve? We’d love to hear! Happy crafting!

ox. Liz

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