Talking about black solid leggings

Black solid leggings have been a wardrobe staple in many closets for a while now, and you don’t need me to tell you why, but I will anyway. They are versatile, comfortable, and functional, and that’s really all anyone can ask for from a piece of clothing, right?

Well, if we didn’t already love black solid leggings enough, our friends at Simple Addiction went ahead and perfected them. Strong seams, a wide waist band, and the softest fabric make these leggings a dream.

black solid leggings1 black solid leggings2 black solid leggings3 black solid leggings4 black

Right now, Simple Addiction’s exclusive black solid leggings are only $7.95, plus you can use the code PRETTYLIFE to get an additional 10% of your purchase!

Happy shopping!
xo, Sam

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T
Leggings: c/o Simple Addiction
Sweatshirt: c/o Simple Addiction
Shoes: c/o Reebok

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