OXO Stroller

This is our first fall with a school-aged child and you’d think that by November I would be used to it, but guess what guys? I’m not. I have never been the best at keeping a routine so this get-to-places-on-time-make-sure-the-healthy-lunch-is-packed-sign-and-return-the-field-trip-permission-slip life is really throwing me for a loop. I mean, they actually expect me to get my child somewhere with all of his clothes on and fed and teeth brushed and ready to learn by 8:15? Lunacy.

However, the one thing I am loving that goes down in the middle of the school drop off/pick up chaos it the one-on-one time I have gained with my wild-haired three-year-old, Willa. This girl is something else and loves to chat all day about kittens and ice cream and find all of the My Little Pony movie posters on the tops of taxis that she possibly can. It is delightful to spend the day with her and since, for a big chunk of the week, I am now only toting around one child instead of two, it was time to get a single stroller to use when I didn’t need the double.

That said, I had a lot of specifications I required in this baby. First, since I already have a big double stroller and a tiny NYC apartment, it couldn’t be anything bulky since I have so little storage space. Also, this thing needed to be lightweight so I could pack it and the three-year-old up the five flights of stairs at our walk-up. BUT, on top of that it also needed to be sturdy since we use our strollers so much here in the city. Enter the OXO Tot Air Stroller! This stroller is THE ONE. It is lightweight with a quick, compact fold that opens and closes in a smooth, swift motion and folds down into backpack size (complete with carrying strap for carting up all the stairs!).

This thing is SO durable with an aluminum frame that comfortably holds toddlers up to 55 lbs. and front-wheel suspension that gives you a smooth ride while we navigate the streets of our city. Plus, its large, expandable UPF 50 canopy provides extra coverage, rain or shine, and it has a peek-a-boo window lets you check on your tot without breaking your stride. The color is great too, and it has an easy-access storage basket that is perfect for running errands or stashing diaper bags. It hits all of our bomb-stroller-requirements and MORE and we love it so. It’s so light and slick even my kids can push it around and are regularly fighting over who gets to push. (I’m not stopping this anytime soon. If it means I can hold a pretzel in one hand and a Diet Coke in another, let them at it.) I can’t recommend this one enough for everything from travel to city exploring with a kitten-loving toddler.

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