Six fun DIY Techniques to try!

This year I have big goals to challenge myself more creatively. I definitely have a handful of supplies and tools that I use all the time and love like adhesive vinyl, acrylic paint, and Mod Podge, but this year my goal is to step outside of my crafting comfort zone and try new mediums and techniques! I mean, Martha wouldn’t be Martha if all she did was stencil on wood, and I’m ready to start flexing those creative muscles and channel MY inner Martha! I’m so excited to get out my sewing machine more, pick out more obscure tools at the craft supply store, and try my luck on some large-scale projects that might scare me just a little.

So, if you’re like me and are looking to try your hand at some new crafting techniques to expand yourself creatively in the new year, we have a few projects we’ve done that we’d highly recommend to get you started! Each of these use unique but attainable tools and will help you learn a new crafty skill. Here we go!

  1. Faux Cement Hanging Planters: These are so fun because they look like cement without having to deal with the mess and weight of real cement. We made them from oven bake clay which is a great medium to work with because it is so versatile and relatively fool-proof. Then we covered them with a faux cement finish and used gold leaf sheets to make them really stand out! You will have a blast making them, and the result is a gorgeous statement piece that you can hang in your home.

2. Marbled Mugs with Nail Polish: Marbling tools are popping up all over the craft store right now so you can marble all the things. However, I still love this scrappy technique for marbling with water and nail polish and you probably have all of the tools you need in your house right now! The result of trying this technique are these absolutely gorgeous mugs and it’s so simple to make them happen.

3. DIY Coconut Layered Soap: If you haven’t tried soap making, NOW is the time. It so much fun and if you can boil water you can make soap! Making soap is great because it is so versatile. You can add any scent or essential oil, mix it up with color and design, and you can use all kinds of soap bases to make the kind of texture you like best! Plus, homemade soap makes a great gift!

4. DIY Face Embroidery: Here at the PLG we love an embroidery project. It is so therapeutic to sit down and embroider something and you only need to know a couple of simple stitches to make a gorgeous piece of art. I love this face embroidery project in particular because it isn’t overwhelmingly large or complex, and you can add some bead work for a fun added texture.

5. DIY Watercolor Coasters: This project actually helped to inspire my new year’s goal to try new crafting techniques! I had never worked with watercolors before this project and was nervous because it felt like something you might need an artist background to really get right. However, it felt awesome to play around with the tools and test out ways to make different designs, and the result are these gorgeous coasters that I love!

6. Rya Tie Wall Hanging: Textured art is such a big trend right now and I have jumped on that band wagon with enthusiasm. In the last year I have purchased a loom and tried out Rya Tie, which is a fun weaving technique that uses pom poms tied onto a piece of netting! The result is a stylish and funky piece of wall art that all visitors to my house comment on, and anyone can make it!

That’s it! These six crafting techniques are a total blast and will help you with your creative stretching in the new year! If you try any of them, be sure to share with us on social media at @PrettyLifeGirls!

Happy crafting!
ox. Liz

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