Let’s Bundle!

January 2nd. Here we are. The holidays are officially over and ouuuuuch, it hurts. This morning as I was walking my son to school in what has been record cold in NYC, seeing the whole neighborhood bundled up over their business casual clothes and back in buzzing mode, I couldn’t help but feel how far away the cozy, lazy, PJ’s and fudge and movie-filled days of the holidays were. It was a very cold (11 degrees, to be exact) slap in the face and it STUNG. However, in the middle of this rude awakening I must say there was one silver lining, and I was wearing it. I’m talking about my L.L. Bean Ultralight 850 Down Coat!

Before I moved to this city I had coats that I didn’t think a lot about because I would throw them on and get in a warm car to get places. However, now that my stroller is my car and my legs are my only vehicle, a legitimately warm coat is an absolute necessity. This coat is made with 850-fill goose down insulation, and is treated with DownTEK® for water-resistance but it’s SO light. I can put my arms down when I wear it! It fits in my tiny closet! It’s just right. It has been a game changer and has made all the difference in this last week of frigid weather.

My other favorite part about this coat is that it comes from a brand that I trust and love! I have always been a big fan of L.L. Bean because of the quality of their products since their company is serious about making things that last and last. Over the holidays I had the best time meeting up with members of the L.L. Bean marketing team for a little cookie decorating party with my littles and loved hearing about how much L.L. Bean values the consumer. From their awesome campus in Maine they are thinking of everything and it was so great to learn from them. Plus, I got to see the spring and summer lines first-hand and learn a little bit about the inspiration behind each and let me tell you, it’s gonna rock your WORLD. (There was a pair a clogs there that were so cute they brought tears to my eyes. Just you wait.)

This coat is definitely a must-have for me this winter! What are yours? I would love to hear! (Actually, it’s absolutely essential that you share them with me. It’s freezing out there.)

Happy bundling!
ox. Liz

Coat: c/o L.L. Bean
Beanie: c/o L.L. Bean

Post images by Megan Morgan.

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  • Jordana @WhiteCabanaJanuary 3, 2018 - 3:04 pm

    I have the same coat (longer version) and it’s incredibly warm…even in -20C weather! Honestly! I’ve been very pleased.ReplyCancel

  • Anne Lynn JarmanJanuary 5, 2018 - 5:54 pm

    The big problem with L L Bean is that their major stock holder is a HUGE supporter of our current president. If that sits okay with you then shop away at the company. For me, despite the quality of the goods, the thought of that connection means I cannot buy anything from that retailer. My financial expenditures have to align with my values, so despite your moneytization and I understand it’s tempting and perhaps you are also huge supporters of the current president, you might want to consider this when associating with companies. For example, many retailers were compelled to stop carrying Ivan’s Trump’s products after customers boycotted their stores.
    I actually cringed when I recognized the boots and the hat in the photos. Just a thought…ReplyCancel