Sunshine and Pretty (Kingdom & State) Dresses

Don’t let these pictures mislead you. I know they make it look like I don’t have a care in the world, and that life is all sunshine and pretty (Kingdom & State) dresses, but that would be wrong. You see, yesterday I made my first attempt at potty training my three year old son. We were all prepared – we got the underwear with his favorite cartoon character, we got M&Ms and lots of juice, and I have been pumping myself up all week. I was ready and it was going to be GREAT.

But, without going into detail, it didn’t go well.

And today I feel like I don’t want to try again. I texted my neighbor who has three boys to ask for advice and she said “My only advice is don’t let it get to you. If he is approaching 12 years old and still isn’t potty trained, then you can worry.” So at this point I am ready to give it another 8 years and then try again. Or wait until he tells me he is ready. Why don’t they have professional potty trainers that we can visit and pay to get these things done? I feel ill-equipped. If you have any tips, PLEASE send them to this desperate momma!

For now, I’m gonna push potty training out of my mind and enjoy the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours!
xo, Sam

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T
Dress: c/o Kingdom & State
Shoes: c/o Cents of Style

Photo credit: Elise Curtis Photo & Film

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