PLG Loves: Owlet Smart Sock 2

When we brought our son home from the hospital three years ago, I was a complete wreck. He had been watched over by the most qualified doctors and nurses and most advanced equipment for four months around the clock in the NICU. I was already a nervous first-time mom, but the additional burden of being in charge of a premature baby with complications almost put me over the edge. I would check on him multiple times a night or during naps to make sure he was breathing. I was anxious and sleep-deprived, and I would have given anything to reduce those stressors.

Even though everything has gone smoothly with our new daughter, we have still felt the stress and worry that comes with any newborn baby, especially at night. Thankfully this time we have had our Owlet. The Smart Sock 2 tracks her heart rate and oxygen and connects to a base station and app to notify us if either of them fall outside the preset zones. It has been a priceless tool with thoughtful and intuitive features. The Owlet has given us so much peace of mind and has allowed me much better sleep.

My experience would have been so different with my son if I had had the Owlet. If you or someone you know could use an Owlet, don’t question it. Do it!
xo, Sam

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