Tuesday Things

It’s Tuesday. Last night my daughter was having a hard time in the middle of the night, so in a sleepy stupor I headed downstairs to help her. However, I missed a step and fell down, down, dooooown the hardwood steps. Today things are bruised in places and I’m feeling as though the day most definitely got off on the wrong foot (Like, for reals. Because my feet didn’t connect with the steps in the correct way that feet are supposed to. Thanks for nothing, feet.) Anyway, this Tuesday is not my favorite day of the week, so I’m working on a list of things to help accentuate the positive until we get to Thursday night or something even more respectable like Saturday. Here goes:

  1. Tuesdays mean that The Bachelor is on Hulu with no commercials! That’s something, guys. Are you watching? Who are you loving? (Petttterrrrr, PLZ.)
  2. Today I WON one of the many Broadway ticket lotteries that I religiously enter on a daily basis (HAMILTON CAN YOU HEAR ME?), and get to see Groundhog Day tomorrow! Has anyone seen it?
  3. Levain. Levain. Levain. Levain. Levain.
  4. This favorite dress and everything else from our friends at Allo Boutique is 25% off right now through tomorrow! Just enter code deals25 at checkout!

There. That just got us like a whole 10 minutes closer to Wednesday! What is making you happy today? (Not mentioned but obligatory, that good, good Diet Coke.)

ox. Liz

Dress: c/o Allo Boutique
Necklace: c/o Made by Mary
Shoes: c/o Pink Basis



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