Put Together Pieces

You guys, I’m feeling like a legit lady in today’s post, which is especially amazing since I am at about-to-pop pregnancy level. It’s kind of a miracle, and this easy but gorgeous dress and this chic (diaper!) bag have an awful lot to do with it. However, even though I sort of had it together for like 30 minutes when I took these pictures, I am starting to really feel the fear of having another baby. So tell me, supermoms, HOW do you do this thing where you go from one baby to being double teamed? I need all of your secrets, tips, strategies, brownie recipes, etc., that got you through the transition. Lay it on me. I mentioned brownie recipes, didn’t I? Send the brownie recipes.

AND if you or someone you love would like to look a little more put-together too and could use an incredibly beautiful bag that is also a diaper bag but looks nothing like a diaper bag, head to our Instagram to enter to win a Babymel bag for yourself!

oxox. Sam

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T
Dress: c/o Lilac Clothing
Diaper Bag: c/o Babymel
Necklace: c/o Made by Mary
Watch: c/o Arvo

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