DIY Graphic Milk Bottles + Coasters

With the weather warming up, I get so excited about summer nights outside, or parties at the pool, or all the summer holidays that are on their way, and then I get even MORE excited about the projects I can start doing to get ready for all of these summer celebrations! There is nothing better than the bright colors and flavors of summer for entertaining, crafting or both, and today I’m combining the two for a fun DIY project with these Graphic Milk Bottles with Matching Coasters!

These milk bottles and coasters were so simple to make but are sure to make a big impact at your summer get-togethers. The colors scream summer, and the super fun designs from Amy Tangerine in the Silhouette Design Store are SO cute. Plus, I used my Silhouette CAMEO 3 which meant that cutting out the vinyl was a snap, and the high quality adhesive vinyl from Silhouette will last through all of those summer nights of sipping lemonade. So, are you ready to take your summer partying to the next level of cuteness? Here’s how to do it:

Supplies Needed: 
Silhouette CAMEO 3
Silhouette adhesive vinyl
Unfinished wood squares/coasters
Acrylic paint + brush
Glass milk bottles

  1. Paint the edge of your coaster. I liked choosing the same paint colors as my vinyl to use as an accent color. Apply two coats and let dry completely.

2. Cut out your designs! I used Amy Tangerine’s designs from the Silhouette Design Store and cut them out using my Silhouette CAMEO 3.

3. Apply your vinyl to the top of your coaster! I usually like to use Silhouette transfer tape, but was out so I used some other tape I had around.  Rub firmly on your coaster and peel back the tape.

4. Cut out your cacti, peel, and apply to the milk bottles, rubbing firmly.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to have FUN. The coasters say so.

Aren’t they the cutest? The colors are so vibrant and the designs are the funnest. I love using the Silhouette Design Store because all of the hard work is done for me. If I have an idea, I can make it happen through their treasure trove of designs without having to break a sweat over my lack of artistic abilities. Then you just send that cuteness to your Silhouette CAMEO 3, and you’ve got the sassiest milk bottles + coasters ever. Just add lemonade!

Happy crafting!
xo, Liz

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