Breezy Maternity Dressing

Hey guys. It’s me, Sam, and yep, I’m still pregnant. It’s fine, though. Really. I’ve been at this thing for 35 weeks now, but at least I feel that I have entered the part of my pregnancy where every crazy thing I do is just accepted by everyone around me as normal because I am huge and waddling and look really tired ALL THE TIME. Crying during Dancing with the Stars? Normal. Filling my grocery cart with only things that are chocolate glazed? Fine. Moaning for 5 minutes straight followed by yelling a litany of swear words at the universe because I dropped my hairbrush? Yes. Makes perfect sense.

This rule also goes with what I wear. Mumus, leggings, and bathrobes are currently my clothing of choice and being this pregnant, everyone seems cool with this breezy dressing situation I have going on. I mean, comfort is the only way to stay sane when you are lugging a watermelon around on the daily. However, I do love it when I find pieces that look put together but keep this mama feeling just as comfy as when I am mumu-ing. Everything in today’s post (this softest Everly Grey dress, these fab Reeboks, and this GORGEOUS Beau diaper bag) are making the chaos that is maternity life feel a little more normal. In fact, thinking about them makes me want to cry just a little. ONLY A LITTLE, GUYS.

For reals, though. I’m really pregnant.

ox. Sam

PC: Elise Curtis Photo & Film

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T
Dress: c/o Everly Grey
Diaper Bag: c/o Beau
Shoes: c/o Reebok

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