Spring Style Faves


You guys, I really hate it that we talk so much about the weather on this dang blog but I feel like I am a brand new person, like a butterfly who has emerged from her dark, dank, dungeon of a chrysalis and has been reborn by all of this sunshine and bare arms and outside time I’ve been having! It’s just that springtime reminds me that I’m a person who actually likes stuff and who has interests outside of my television where I have been bundled up all winter and it’s just really great. So, can I share a few of my latest must-haves for spring with you since I’ve got this glorious season on the brain? Let’s go.

  1. This top from Bluish & Co. is already such a major spring staple for me. In fact, last weekend we took a quick trip to NYC for the weekend and I packed other tops, but only wore this one because it’s perfect. Best stripe, darling sleeve, perfect, flowy fit. So good. AND you can get 20% off your order right now using code SPRING20!
  2. These Classic Leather Sea-Worn sneakers from Reebok. I am obsessing SO hard over this shoe. They are the perfect pale pink for spring, are so crazy comfortable, and are so cute and versatile. These are a MUST, you guys.
  3. The Alexa diaper bag from Storksak! If you follow us on Instagram then you probably saw my story where I was raving about this bag. This thing has more pockets then I have ever seen in a bag, but has so many chic details that it is a joy to carry around. Plus, that blue is to die.
  4. This Zola necklace from our favorites at Made by Mary. This necklace does not leave my neck and I’m not mad about it. It’s so dainty and pretty, the quality is amazing and it has my two kiddos’ names engraved on it which makes it so special. These definitely need to be one your Mother’s Day shopping list for the mommas in your life. It’s the best.

Okay guys, we did it. Now let’s get back to frolicking out in the freaking meadow because WE CAN, shall we?
Happy Spring!

ox. Liz

Top: c/o Bluish & Co. (use code SPRING20 at checkout for 20% off!)
Necklace: c/o Made by Mary
Shoes: c/o Reebok
Diaper bag: c/o Storksak

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