Maternity Dressing with Dainty Jewells!

Maternity dressing! What a racket. I’m so glad maternity clothes have evolved the way they have, but SHOOT, it’s not easy dressing a bump, especially when all I want to do is wear a bathrobe all dang day. This pregnancy is especially weird for me since my last pregnancy was over at 26 weeks, so now that I am past that landmark and feeling what later pregnancy is really like, I’m very perplexed as to what people who make it to their third trimester do to cover their bodies. However, luckily for me, I happen to be with child during the blessed era when swing dresses are in style. This may be the single largest tender mercy from the maternity fashion gods I can imagine, and I say bring. them. on. For instance, this Dainty Jewells number is a dream to wear. It’s a darling stripe and is cut in a way that doesn’t make it look like you are wearing a bed sheet, but it FEELS like you are wearing a bedsheet (cue angels in swing dresses singing). Plus, it isn’t a maternity dress, so it will be awesome forever and ever, come pregnancy or food baby.

What are your favorite maternity shops/pieces/dressing tips? This mama wants them all! Share PLZ.
ox. Sam

Dress: c/o Dainty Jewells


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