Your New Favorite

Friends! I’m wearing your new favorite top today. I can’t even express the love I have for this thing. It’s so soft, it’s such a good stripe, it fits like a dream, and the flowy-ness! As a mama I’m always a little leery that an empire waist/peplum top will come off as maternity (as in, “When are you due? Ohhh. Uh. You’re not pregnant? Woops.”) but the fit of this is so good AND it WOULD still be perfect for expectant mamas. I have worn it to the office. I have worn it to the grocery store. I have worn it out with friends and I have loved it every time I have put it on.

SO. Where can you find this magic top that will mask your milkshake baby without looking like you are making a human baby (or will make you look GREAT while actually making a human baby)? Miel Boutique! Find this top (for only $20 + FREE shipping!) in other colors, and lots of other dreamy pieces there for great prices. They’re gonna be your new favorite too.

Happy shopping!
ox. Liz

Top c/o: Miel Boutique
Boots: c/o Cents of Style

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