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Hey, guys! It’s the first style post of the new year and I worked so hard coming up with a pun-y title (“Check” Me Out? I’m wearing my fave buffalo check plaid? It’s solid gold.) that now I’m scared that I’ve used up all of my energy for post writing. Blogging can be REAL hard. So, let me just take it one sentence at a time and tell you about this outfit.

First, this skirt. We have talked about thredUP several times on this blog because we are super fans of this company. They are a FAB online consignment shop where you can buy/sell secondhand clothes in great condition. This store’s inventory is always packed with awesome stuff and you can find insane deals on the best brands. For instance, I found this darling little number that is the perfect staple for every season for $3.60! That is less than large Blizzard, friends. You could buy this skirt and a delightful dessert treat and stay under $10. I’m into it. thredUP is the perfect place to go to bulk up that winter wardrobe with lots of cuteness, and if you are trying to save money in the new year GO TO THERE.

Next, I know you are “check”-ing out this top and booties from Cents of Style and you SHOULD BE. Both are perfect staples for sassing up a drab January day, and both are totally affordable (both are under $35!). I recommend ordering this top and then making lots of check jokes that you have to explain to people. Everybody loves that. Obviously I’ve had great success with this.

Anyway, I did it! The first style post of the new year is done. CHECK. Me. Out. (I’m sorry. You know I can’t help myself. Thank you for putting up with this.)

ox. Liz

Skirt: c/o thredUP
Top: c/o Cents of Style
Booties: c/o Cents of Style 

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