PLG Loves: Cariloha!



I’m not a snob about very many things in life – I’ve never really cared about having the best brand of makeup or the highest quality clothes. I am totally satisfied with generic food brands and usually choose them over more expensive brands. And until recently, I didn’t care about the quality of my linens… that is until I was introduced to bamboo bed sheets, towels, and blankets from Cariloha. But things have changed. Things. Have. Changed.

Cariloha products – sheets, towels, blankets, and clothing – are made from bamboo, which is not only an eco-friendly resource, but it can be used to create the most luxurious and ultra-soft products. We are totally sold and will never go back. The coziness at my house is now at another level and being cozy at all times is pretty much my life’s goal. I mean, I think I would have married that bamboo blanket had I met it before my darling husband. The snuggling would have been so good (Sidenote: those blankets would make the most PERFECT Christmas gift. They are SO luxurious and giving the gift of snuggles is always a good idea.)

Cariloha, we love you! Also, bye forever. I live in my cozy bed now.
ox. Sam


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