DIY Diet Coke Gift Tags


All I want for Christmas is a Diet Coke and a few hours to myself. Really. In my mind there couldn’t be anything better. So, today I am spreading that truest love (the love between a gal and her Diet Coke) with these fun DIY Diet Coke gift tags, perfect for holiday treat gifting. These tags are so much fun to make and pair wonderfully with a Diet Coke (I mean, who needs a white Christmas when you’ve got a brown and bubbly one?) making it easy to spread some happiness this holiday season.

Here’s how you make them:


Supplies Needed: 
Diet Coke in a 6-pack 1/2 liter or 2 liter
Brown & Bubbly printable (keep scrolling for the download!)
Patterned paper
Baker’s twine
Hole punch
Scissors/paper cutter
Glue gun/sticks


Step 1: Download your tags here:

Then print and cut your tags and decorative papers. I cut a long narrow strip for the back of my tags, and then another piece that was just larger than the tags so that I could do some fun pattern mixing with the papers.


2. Glue all of your pieces together!


3. Punch holes, string around your Diet Coke, tie in a bow, and you’re ready to go make some people happy!



Aren’t they darling? And since the printable is all ready to go there couldn’t be a faster way to spread some holiday happiness. (The real kind, not the random sugar cookies on a paper plate kind. This is the GOOD stuff. Your friends are gonna thank me.)




I love this season! Giving fun treats to those you love makes me the happiest.


What easy ideas do you have for holiday gifting? I’d love to hear them!

Happy giving!
ox. Liz

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