A weekend in Southern California

If you are a regular follower of this blog or any of our social media outlets, then you might have heard us mention (like, a billion times) that both of our brothers got married a few weeks ago. One sealed the deal in our home state of Utah, but the other captured the heart of an exotic out-of-state flower, giving us an excuse to make a vacay out of their nuptials in Southern California. And guys, it was kind of the best. If you can find a way to ditch the kiddos and run away with your people to somewhere warm for a weekend, you should do it. So good for the soul, so good for love handles (WE ATE EVERYTHING). Plus, we teamed up with our friends at Anaheim Vacation House and were able spend the weekend at one of their incredible properties that we can’t wait to tell you about.  Here’s what we did:


Anaheim Vacation House

Now that we got the main thing I have had on my mind for weeks out of the way (i.e. things you can dip in chocolate), let’s talk about where we stayed! We had such a blast teaming up with Anaheim Vacation House for this trip, and staying there will change the way I visit the Anaheim area FOREVER. This home was stunningly gorgeous with lovely architectural details (those arches!), and it had 4 bedrooms (two had queen bunk beds so it sleeps a lot), 3 baths, a game room, and the most incredible pool and hot tub. We loved eating together in the bright sunroom looking out at the pool, hanging out together in the cozy living room, and all of the bedrooms were so comfy and luxurious!

And did I mention the pool?! I mean, we were really excited to get out and explore, but that private oasis made it REALLY hard to leave. And guys, I know you must be thinking that staying at a vacation home like this must be out of your price range, right? I mean, it’s GORGEOUS. But NO. This baby is currently renting for an average of $380 A NIGHT! So, get your people together and book a trip! This is the only way to visit the area.

Plus, even though we left our kiddos at home, this rental is super kid friendly and is only 3/4 of a mile from Disney! I mean, honestly, if you stay in a hotel when going to Disneyland after reading this post I think I’ll be offended. This place is a dream.

And if I haven’t convinced you that this rental from Anaheim Vacation House was magical enough, just look what was growing in the yard! I could have died. That pomegranate was heavenly.

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Anaheim Packing House

Now, should we get back to talking food? Good. Since lots of time was booked with sitting at that gorg pool and wedding festivities, we didn’t have time to do a Disney day or some of the other typical tourist activities. But, what we did find was the Anaheim Packing House. This incredible place felt like Anaheim’s answer to NYC’s Chelsea Market and is located in one of the old citrus packing houses. The restored Packing House is a food hall reminiscent of the great public markets of South America and Europe and features a large central atrium with communal dining surrounded by the most amazing, unique, and delicious cafes and shopping as well as outdoor picnic gardens and a building-length dining porch looking out to the outdoor marketplace, Farmers’ Park. It’s incredible.

The Packing House itself is gorgeously designed and every corner is more beautiful then the next, but the food (THE FOOD) is the king there. We ate Poki bowls, waffle sandwiches, specialty grilled cheese, pizza, ice cream, macarons, fried chicken and collard greens, po-boy sandwiches, poutine, and that was all just purchased from the top level. It’s unreal. If you are visiting Anaheim this place is a must do. I feel very strongly about this.

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I love Southern California so much and find everything about it to be magical. Citrus growing on trees, the beach so close by, and guys, POPBAR. We don’t have this goodness yet in Utah or PA, and we were living for it. If you haven’t had it before, it is gelato on a stick that you dip in chocolates, nuts, more chocolate, etc. I had a pumpkin pie one that I dipped in dark chocolate and crunched up waffle cone that made me dizzy it was so delish. And so I ask you, Californians, do you know what you have? Are you going to Popbar enough? It’s time to reevaluate your priorities.



Huntington Beach Pier

And of course, we spent lots of time at the beach! Our brother was married at Newport Beach which was lovely (and pictures are coming!), but we also spent time at the Huntington Beach pier, strolling, eating fish tacos and ice cream, and taking it in.


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SIGHHH. The funnest. Such a dreamy few days with some of my favorite people.

Now listen, if you are planning a trip to southern California, are thinking of doing Disney, or want to get away with your besties, remember, Popbar, Anaheim Packing House, and Anaheim Vacation House. And when you are booking your stay with Anaheim Vacation House, make sure to use the code PLG25 for $25 off! Go! (And thank you, Anaheim Vacation House for the most incredible stay. We can’t wait to come back!)

What travels do you have planned this winter to get you away from the dropping temps? Let us live vicariously! Share! Share!
ox. Liz & Sam

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