Pre-Fall Dressing

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Last night it was cool enough at our house to turn the A/C off. It was incredible. And it gave me the tiniest bit of pumpkin spice, cardigan, booties feelings. I mean, it’s still very much summer and I very much love it, but man, you get a taste of a little chill in the air and it’s like you catch a virus or something, carrying with it a fever that only breaks on the first day of real fall. However, dressing in the pre-fall months can be a tiny bit tricky. You want to put away your neons and bring in some richer color to your life but you aren’t ready to layer because you’ll DIE, and all the stores are carrying perfect fall clothes but it’s just not time yeeeeeet. That’s why Downeast Basic’s current line is so so good. It’s full of gorgeous pre-fall pieces with fun patterns and colors that won’t cook you in the heat, but will transition super easily into fall. Like this navy number! So cute with a nude sandal, but sure to be perfect with boots and tights when October comes around.

So, while we’re patiently waiting for real pumpkin spice weather, I suggest a little Downeast shopping to kill the time. It could be a long September, guys. I’m only trying to help.

ox. Sam


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