Modest Swimwear Series: Kortni Jeane, part 2!




This is it, friends! The last post of our modest swimwear series. And while we are very relieved to be finished posting pictures of ourselves in swimwear on the internets, it has been so fun featuring these great shops that are giving stylish choices for staying covered up at the pool. Modest swimwear has come SO far because of these companies and I could kiss them on the face for all they do.

I remember that in high school if I wanted a modest swimsuit my choices were either the sporty kind the gals were wearing on the swim team, something from the geriatric swimwear section, or the same 5 relatively cute styles that Target or Old Navy or stores like it might be carrying that year. Now one-pieces and darling tankinis are so easy to find and gals don’t only have to wear bikinis to find cute styles. I’m filled with gratitude over the cuteness and the coverage and love the thought that if I ever have a little lady of my own, I can show her that you can look and feel great all summer long without showing all the skin. Like this little number from Kortni Jeane! The print and details on this cutie are perfect and the fit is the comfiest I’ve ever worn.

I mean, maybe it’s a coincidence that there are now really REALLY good swimwear options out there for all ladies AND the first female presidential nominee but IDK, I think it’s a sign. #WhoRunTheWorld

Happy swimming!
ox. Sam

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T
Swim top and bottom: c/o Kortni Jeane
Headband: c/o Cents of Style

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