Modest Swimwear Series: Lime Ricki, part 2!


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Today our modest swimwear series is back with more fun from our friends at Lime Ricki! One of my favorite things about Lime Ricki is they are constantly keeping their swimmers fresh, coming up with new cuts and styles (peplum! high-waisted! rash guards!), and always changing up patterns (floral! stripes! geometric!). Since swimwear with more coverage is a little harder to find then the traditional bikini, it seems like you often end up seeing the same swimsuit style everywhere, but Lime Ricki consistently creates lines that are gorgeous and interchangeable so you can feel like one of a kind. Plus, they are SO fun so you can be covered up without feeling like a frump. Like this little number I’m wearing! Gorgeous, vibrant florals, a little ruffle as a fun detail, and the perfect high-waisted bottoms.

Clearly, it’s a lovefest, but I feel like those feelings just come naturally to a girl when you find swim-bottoms that can conceal a hamburger baby. True love.

Happy swimming!
ox. Liz

Top: c/o Lime Ricki
Bottoms: c/o Lime Ricki
Necklace: c/o Littlefield Lane 

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