DIY Iron-On Graphic Pillow with Tassels


I am so excited to share this simple but darling project today! This DIY Iron-On Graphic Pillow with Tassels is one of my favorite projects I have made in a while. Using Expressions Vinyl Heat Transfer Vinyl, it comes together super quickly, is hard to mess up, and has such an impact in a room. I love the personal touch it adds to our master bedroom! Here is how I made it.


Blank pillow cover
Pillow insert
Cutting Machine (I used a Silhouette Portrait)
Expressions Vinyl Heat Transfer Vinyl
Floss or yarn


Step 1: Cut your design out of the vinyl. I used a Silhouette Portrait, but you could also cut by hand for a simpler design (a big heart would be so cute). Make sure you flip your design, if necessary, before cutting!

Step 2: Remove the excess vinyl.


Step 3: Place your design on the pillow insert and iron, following the recommended settings.


Step 4: Carefully remove the clear carrier sheet (again, following the recommendations for your vinyl).


Step 5: Create tassels by wrapping floss around your hand until it reaches the desired fullness. Tie some thread to the top (for attaching to the pillow). Wrap thread around top 1/4 of the tassel and knot.


Step 6: Cut the bottom edges of the tassel to create fringe.


Step 7: Thread the top tassel string through a needle and attach to the pillow cover’s corners. Tie several knots on the inside of the cover to keep in place.


Step 8: Stuff pillow insert into cover.




Happy crafting!
xo, Sam

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